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tire services near san diegoIf you break it down to brass tacks, the only part of your car that actually touches the road beneath you is the tires. With that in mind, you can see why the pros at Aero Auto Repair in San Diego, CA, encourage everyone to make sure that their tires are in the best shape possible every time they drive. This means the tires have adequate tread, are damage-free, and are properly aligned. So when your car’s tires need a little help, always make sure you call Aero Auto Repair first.

Tires San Diego CA

When your tires need attention in San Diego, CA, you have a lot of choices. You can go to a chain tire store, but chances are the kid behind the counter doesn’t know nearly enough to fit your car with the right tires. The dealership where you purchased your vehicle will almost certainly cost you a fortune. When it comes to tires in San DIego, CA, your best choice is always Aero Auto Repair. Is your car due for new tires? You can check yourself. Grab a penny and place it between your tire treads. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, your tire treads are dangerously worn and new tires are in your future. Conversely, if you have a slow leak or a puncture in one of your tires, if it isn’t in the sidewall, there is a good chance we can save you the expense of a new tire by plugging or patching it. Whatever your tires need in San Diego, CA, Aero Auto Repair can help.

Wheel Alignment San Diego CA

Part of keeping your tires safe is making sure your wheels are properly aligned. This means that all four of your wheels hit the road at the same angle and frequency. Not only will this help your car drive better, it will also allow for your tires to wear more evenly, which will save you money in the long run. For the quickest, best wheel alignment in San Diego, CA, trust the experts at Aero Auto Repair.

Tires Near Me

For all things tires and alignments in San Diego, CA, bring your car to the tire experts at Aero Auto Repair. Our team can have you in and out in a flash, and you know we will always fit your car with the best tire services for your budget. Make an appointment today!

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